Mission and objectives

The aim of the GreenDiamond project is to fabricate the first high power electronic device with diamond that is competitive with incumbent wide-band-gap semiconductor materials and technologies, opening new commercial and industrial opportunities. This new device will offer:

  • Higher current density than Si, SiC or GaN transistors
  • Higher voltage capability than Si, SiC or GaN transistors
  • Lower electrical losses in high voltage applications
  • Realisation of novel power converter topologies (integrated switching cell)
  • Enhanced thermal properties (lower losses at higher temperature)
  • Compatibility with Si processes
  • Improved reliability in harsh operating environment

The consortium will first work on the fabrication of a low voltage/small area transistor, focusing on the gate stack behaviour and simulation model parameters. The next step will be design and technology optimisation which will lead to fabrication of 6.5 kV, 10 kV and ultimately 20 kV devices with specific ON state resistances varying between 20 mOhm.cm2 and 100 mOhm.cm2. It is desirable that the device will be scaled up to 4 cm and further device improvements will allow the consortium to reach the final goal in meeting target voltage and current ratings. In parallel to the diamond-based chip development, a significant effort will be invested in the design of new packaging suitable for high voltage devices working up to 300°C.

Objectives details