GreenDiamond Project : Electronics with Diamond Power Devices

The key to the efficient transmission and conversion of low-carbon electrical energy is the improvement of power electronic devices. Diamond is considered to be the ultimate wide bandgap semiconductor material for applications in high power electronics due to its exceptional thermal and electronic properties.

Two recent developments – the emergence of commercially available electronic grade single crystals and a scientific breakthrough in creating a MOS channel in diamond technology, have now opened new opportunities for the fabrication and commercialisation of diamond power transistors. These will result in substantial improvements in the performance of power electronic systems by offering higher blocking voltages, improved efficiency and reliability, as well as reduced thermal requirements thus opening the door to more efficient green electronic systems.


Introducing DiamFab!

DiamFab is a pre-incubation company from Institut Néel in Grenoble, France. Building on Institut Néel know-how in diamond growth and the new markets which will be opened by the GreenDiamond project, the DiamFab company provides electronic grade diamond epitaxy to laboratories or industry for the fabrication of leading edge electronic devices.

Meet the team: from left to right, Etienne Gheeraert (Scientific Expert), Julien Pernot (Scientific Expert), David Eon (Project Manager) and Gauthier Chicot (Semiconductor Expert).

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