GreenDiamond at NDNC 2017, Australia!

1 juin 2017

Members of the GreenDiamond team have travelled to the other side of the world to present some of the work done by the consortium!

At the international New Diamond and Nano Carbons conference in Cairns (Australia), Nicolas Rouget (CNRS) gave an invited talk entitled Diamond Devices for Power Electronics and Shannon Nicley (IMEC)  and Verena Zurbig (IAF) both presented their latest work optimising the growth parameters of n-type diamond for improved electronic and crystalline quality, on of the key development milestones on the roadmap to the full exploitation of diamond’s exceptional properties for power electronics.

GreenDiamond General Assembly: San Sebastian, Spain, 11-12 May 2017

15 mai 2017

Another six months have flown by and the time for the fourth GreenDiamond General Assembly has come!

We were so busy working that we forgot to take a group photo, but here is a small portion of the consortium!

All the partners were present, including our new industrial partner Indra, replacing WinInertia. Updates were detailed to the consortium for each work package and upcoming deliverables. The project is now almost half way through and still full of energy!

Thank you to Richard Seddon and Isabel Obieta for hosting us at Tecnalia  in beautiful San Sebastian.

And on a more creative note, our very own GreenDiamond poet, Loto Oluwasayo (PhD student, Institut Néel, France) has written a short piece about his work:


My echantillon, I waited long for you to come.
When you came , my joy was to the fullest
You needed a dip to cleanse off your dirt
You enjoyed the warmth/hot bath
And with a nozzle, you were properly dried

My echantillon, in that small cylinder you rest so safe
But you needed a heat in tube to glow for value
You were changed and you never remain the same
I cherish you and to lose you I cannot imagine.

My echantillon, small but valuable
Yellowish, bluish or transparent you could be
Men long to have you but for your price.
I found you and will not let you go.

*échantillon means sample in French.

Introducing DiamFab!

19 avril 2017

DiamFab is a pre-incubation company from Institut Néel in Grenoble, France. Building on Institut Néel know-how in diamond growth and the new markets which will be opened by the GreenDiamond project, the DiamFab company provides electronic grade diamond epitaxy to laboratories or industry for the fabrication of leading edge electronic devices.

Meet the team: from left to right, Etienne Gheeraert (Scientific Expert), Julien Pernot (Scientific Expert), David Eon (Project Manager) and Gauthier Chicot (Semiconductor Expert).

For more information, visit:


GreenDiamond: The Video!

12 mars 2017

The GreenDiamond video is out! If you would like to find out more about the project and follow the story of little e, head over to our YouTube channel:

Award for GreenDiamond PhD student Marie-Laure Hicks!

10 mars 2017

After Gauthier Chicot in Warsaw, GreenDiamond work received more recognition with the Hasselt Diamond Workshop Brilliant Poster Prize awarded to Marie-Laure Hicks (UCL).

Process optimisation of Al/O2 ICP reactive ion etch for patterning of single crystal diamond (100) HPHT substrates and epitaxial growths, M-L. Hicks, A. C. Pakpour-Tabrizi, R. J. Edgington, R. B. Jackman.

This is key work contributing to the development of deep etching processes for diamond device fabrication, one of the technology challenges highlighted during the power electronics panel at the Hasselt Diamond Workshop.

Hasselt Diamond Workshop 2017 SBDD XXII and Core Group Meeting

The GreenDiamond consortium gathered in Hasselt (Belgium) for a meeting of the core partners and the Hasselt Diamond Workshop SBDD XXII.

A successful check-in with the core partners, the first device test results and future samples process flows were discussed in preparation for the upcoming general assembly this May!

The consortium was then strongly represented at the Hasselt Diamond Workshop with talks and posters:

An improved diamond/Al2O3 interface for gate control diamond transistors, T.T. Pham, C. Masante, P. Muret, A. Marechal, N. Rouger, D. Eon, E. Gheeraert, J. Pernot

Stability of diamond MOS capacitors using Al203 and SiO2/Al2O3 dielectrics, M. Florentin, O. Loto , V. Zurbig , R.B. Jackman, M.L. Hicks, A. Pakpour-Tabrizi, D. Eon, J. Pernot, E. Gheeraert

Electrical characterization of diamond MIM and MOS capacitors with Al2O3 oxide, O. Loto, M. Florentin, S. Duman, D. Eon, J. Pernot, E. Gheeraert

Process optimisation of Ar/O2 ICP reactive ion etch for patterning of single crystal diamond (100) HPHT substrates and epitaxial growths, M-L. Hicks, A. C. Pakpour Tabrizi, R. B. Jackman

And finally, the Workshop was the home of two important firsts for the GreenDiamond Project. The conference held its first panel discussion on Diamond Power Devices moderated by GreenDiamond Work Package Leader Christoph Nebel (IAF Fraunhofer, Germany) and Satoshi Yamasaki (AIST, Japan) with panelists T. Makino (AIST, Japan), R.J. Nemanich (Arizona State University, USA), H. Ohashi (AIST, Japan) and GreenDiamond coordinator Etienne Gheeraert (Institut Néel, France). The GreenDiamond Video received its World Premiere during the introductory panelist talks and followed by discussion between the panelists and the audience on the focus, priority areas, technology requirements and strategy for diamond power devices. Food for thought!


Award for GreenDiamond post-doc Gauthier Chicot!

3 octobre 2016

Dr. Gauthier Chicot, post-doctoral fellow at CNRS/G2ELab, was awarded the best presentation award at the international conference E-MRS 2016 Fall in Warsaw, Poland (September 2016). Dr. Chicot presented his work during Symposium J Diamond for Electronic Devices on optimisation of drift layer for diamond power devices, improving the specific ON state resistance vs breakdown voltage compromise. This work has been conducted within the GreenDiamond project, as a close collaboration between CNRS/G2ELab and CNRS/Néel.

Chicot-EMRS2016 image1 copy image2

G. Chicot, D. Eon, N. Rouger, Trade-off for optimising drift region of diamond power devices, E-MRS Fall 2016, Warsaw, Poland, September 2016.

GreenDiamond shines bright in Warsaw!

The E-MRS Fall 2016 Meeting in Warsaw was full of success for GreenDiamond! Following an invited talk from Julien Pernot (GreenDiamond work package leader, CNRS Néel), Philippe Bergonzo (UCL) presented the aims and goals of the GreenDiamond project to the audience of the symposium and introduced talks from members across the consortium. A clear overview of results achieved so far in the key areas of p-type doping, substrate surface preparation, device modelling, interfaces and surface termination and future work to come was given by Ken Haenen and Shannon Nicley (IMEC), Marie-Laure Hicks (UCL), Gauthier Chicot (G2ELab) and Jose Piñero (U. Cadiz). Gauthier Chicot was also awarded the best presentation award, congratulations!

symposium photo IMG_2034 IMG_2035 ML Hicks talk

J.C. Piñero, D. Araujo, M.P. Villar, J. Pernot, STEM-EELS analysis of diamond/Al2O3 interfaces in MOS structures: tracking bandgap variations, E-MRS Fall 2016, Warsaw, Poland, September 2016.

J. Navas, D. Eon, J.C. Piñero, D. Araujo, R. Alcántara, M.P. Villar, Diamond surface oxygenation treatments analysed by XPS, STEM-EELS & HREM, E-MRS Fall 2016, Warsaw, Poland, September 2016.

G. Chicot, D. Eon, N. Rouger, Trade-off for optimizing drift region of diamond power devices, E-MRS Fall 2016, Warsaw, Poland, September 2016.

S.S. Nicley, R. Rouzbahani, P. Pobedinskas, K. Haenen, Optimisation of morphology and phosphorus incorporation for electronic grade n-type diamond growth, E-MRS Fall 2016, Warsaw, Poland, September 2016.

P. Pobedinskas, P. Ajev, T.N. Tran Thi, A. Lazea-Stoyanova, S.S. Nicley, K. Jarainas, K. Haenen, Charge carrier lifetime in phosphorus-doped CVD diamond layers, E-MRS Fall 2016, Warsaw, Poland, September 2016.

M. Hicks, A.C. Pakpour-Tabrizi, R.B. Jackman, Surface preparation and characterisation of SCD (100) substrates with Ar/O2/CF4 ICP reactive ion etch, E-MRS Fall 2016, Warsaw, Poland, September 2016.



Montpellier Meet

12 septembre 2016

After a successful time at the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials in Montpellier, leaders from each work package met with the new GreenDiamond project office from the H2020 program for an update on the work performed to-date.


For more information about the work performed as part of the GreenDiamond project, members of the consortium will be giving talks and posters at a GreenDiamond-specific session during EMRS Fall 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

Year One: Review by Etienne Gheeraert

9 août 2016

Project Coordinator Etienne Gheeraert has reviewed the achievements of the GreenDiamond consortium as the project progresses onwards. Continue reading to find out more!

After one year of work, the design tool for the diamond transistor is operational. It is the first ever design tool dedicated entirely to diamond electronic devices. Models will be continuously improved throughout the project, taking into account experimental data. Results are however already very good and accurate enough to design the first transistors for fabrication.

On the fabrication front, the best source of diamond plates for device fabrication has been identified. The main criteria were the crystallographic quality assessed mainly by X-ray topography at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility with exceptional sensitivity. This source expects to deliver 2-inch high quality diamond plates in the future. The GreenDiamond project is starting with a reduced size, whilst keeping upscaling in mind.

In parallel, new surface treatments ahead of active layer growth have been identified, leading to low roughness and high crystallographic quality. Technology modules are still being studied, such as growth and epitaxy. The next steps will include the fabrication of the first transistors based on all of the above developments.

On the packaging side, key materials have been identified to allow high temperature and reliability. The test set-up has been upgraded to be able to measure the soon-produced diamond transistors’ exceptional properties in voltage, current and switching time.