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Optimal drift region for diamond power devices, G. Chicot, D. Eon, N. Rouger, Diamond and Related Materials 69, p.68-73 (2016).

Thick homoepitaxial (110)-oriented phosphorus-doped n-type diamond, Y. Balasubramaniam, P. Pobedinskas, S.D. Janssens, G. Sakr, F. Jomard, S. Turner, Y.-G. Lu, W. Dexters, A. Soltani, J. Verbeeck, J. Barjon, M. Nesládek, K. Haenen, Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 062105 (2016).

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Atomic composition of WC/ and Zr/O-terminated diamond Schottky interfaces close to ideality, J.C. Piñero, D. Araujo, A. Fiori, A. Traoré, M.P. Villar, D. Eon, P. Muret, J. Pernot, T. Teraji, Applied Surface Science (2016).

Influence of methane concentration on MPCVD overgrowth of 100-oriented etched diamond substrates, F. Lloret, D. Araujo, D. Eon, M.P. Villar, J.-M. Gonzalez-Lel, E. Bustarret, Phys. Status Solidi A 213 (10), p.2570-2574 (2016).

Potential barrier heights at metal on oxygen-terminated diamond interfaces, P. Muret, A. Traoré, A. Maréchal, D. Eon, J. Pernot, J.C. Piñero, M.P. Vallar, D. Araujo, Journal of Applied Physics, American Institute of Physics 118, 204505 (2015).

TEM study of defects versus growth orientations in heavily boron-doped diamond, F. Lloret, D. Araujo, M.P Alegre, J.M. Gonzalez-Leal, M.P. Villar, D. Eon, E. Bustarret, Phys. Status Solidi A 212 (11), p.2468-2473 (2015).

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