GreenDiamond General Assembly: San Sebastian, Spain, 11-12 May 2017

Another six months have flown by and the time for the fourth GreenDiamond General Assembly has come!

We were so busy working that we forgot to take a group photo, but here is a small portion of the consortium!

All the partners were present, including our new industrial partner Indra, replacing WinInertia. Updates were detailed to the consortium for each work package and upcoming deliverables. The project is now almost half way through and still full of energy!

Thank you to Richard Seddon and Isabel Obieta for hosting us at Tecnalia  in beautiful San Sebastian.

And on a more creative note, our very own GreenDiamond poet, Loto Oluwasayo (PhD student, Institut Néel, France) has written a short piece about his work:


My echantillon, I waited long for you to come.
When you came , my joy was to the fullest
You needed a dip to cleanse off your dirt
You enjoyed the warmth/hot bath
And with a nozzle, you were properly dried

My echantillon, in that small cylinder you rest so safe
But you needed a heat in tube to glow for value
You were changed and you never remain the same
I cherish you and to lose you I cannot imagine.

My echantillon, small but valuable
Yellowish, bluish or transparent you could be
Men long to have you but for your price.
I found you and will not let you go.

*échantillon means sample in French.